2003: Harvestworks NYC, USA, live performance, “alive”, (triptych)

2005: University of Chile Theater, Sound Installation “no name”, (triptych)

2005: Contemporary Art Museum, sound/video Installation, “retro 1”, Chile, (triptych)

2005: Contemporary Art Museum, BVNM, Sound Installation, “no name”, Chile (catalogue)

2005: National Museum of fine Arts, sound art exhibition, Sound Installation, “D”, Chile (catalogue, DVD)

2005: National Museum of Science and Technology, Reactive Sound Installation, “Quantum Music”, Chile

2006: Solo Screening, Documentation of  projects, Amigos del Arte gallery, Chile, (triptych)

2006-2008-2009: Amigos del Arte Gallery, University of Chile, Matucana 100, Oscilaciones. Sound Art Exhibition, “Visual Listening”, Video, (video documentation, poster, catalog and invitation)

2007: Furtwangen University, Germany, Reactive Installation, Sound Art Direction

2008: Center for Art and Media, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany and simultaneously at the Cultural Center Palacio La Moneda, Santiago de Chile and SentralIstanbul Turkey, Interactive Installation, “Multinode Metagame”, (www.cybersyn.cl, Multinode-metagame.com, catalogue)

2009: Linda Gallery, 798 Bienale,,798 Art District Beijing China, Sound Installation (catalogue)

2009: Industria Cultural, Chile, Art Direction for the interactive instrument Reactable in Chile, (triptych)

2011: Matucana 100, Sound Sculpture, individual exhibition, Volumen Sintetico (Catalog) http://matucana100.cl/2011_04_volumen_sintetico.php

2011: Museo de la Memoria, Chile, group exhibition, Installation, untitled

2011: Watermill Center, America’s Society, Segal Center, New York USA, performance in collaboration with Camila Marambio and Manuela Infante, (triptych)

2011: Festival de Artes Electronicas TRANSITIO, D.F. Mexico, Sound Installation untitled,

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