Æləfon [work-in-progress]

Æləfon is a multiplatform, aural game developed in collaboration with Bellas Auras

(Cristian Gonzales, Ariel Bustamante)

Æləfon is an alternative world, a strange planet or perhaps just a different reality. on this place nature works differently than ours, its atmosphere is much thicker and there are only a few hours of sunlight.

Æləfon appears to be dark and mysterious, its geography seems unstable and unexplored. Whether there is life or not, is hard to know or at least it is hard to perceive it with our eyes.

Æləfon is constantly moving, or better yet, it is constantly vibrating and producing strange sounds.

If there is any flora, animals, volcanoes, intelligent life or any other kind of mysterious forces, they would have to express themselves by perturbing the air around them, by voicing its presence and hearing what’s moving around them. If anything dwells there, it might have needed it to evolve some kind of sophisticated ears to strive on such dark lands.

  What are the rules about this place, its ethics, its violence, its beauty, its dangers? It’s hard to know. In this reality these questions can only be speculated by our eyes but only answered by our ears.

“I feel air from another planet”

Stefan George