Conversation Room / “Trans-human Orality”

Conversation Room/
“Trans-human Orality”

Exhibited at the Bosch Research Center, Renningen/Schloss Solitude Stuttgart. 2019 WimmelResearch-Fellowship

The sculpture is an acoustically isolated Chatroom specially designed for vocal communication, The space houses conversations between the artist, a scientist and a computer. This computer is equipped with a simple Ai algorithm that allows it to converse with the participants nevertheless using its own, incomprehensible language.

The starting point of the conversation began with the inability of mutual, semiotic understanding between ourselves and the computer, the inability to engage in an all-too-granted experience of speaking, chatting and straight-forward communication.
How this limitation was addressed relied on the participant’s acceptance or rejection that some kind of alternative form communication may still be possible.

From a place of rejection, the conversations circled through the individual reasons behind this impossibility, questions regarding our abilities to recognise agencies beyond our own anthropocentric expectations, about both our scientific and artistic identities, their stigmas and the type of sensibilities we allow to develop within our own disciplines were discussed.

From a place of acceptance, different forms of aural communication were improvised, moments of silence, long moments of listening and speculative glossolalia were practiced.



Thanks to the conversionalists.

Sieglinde Pfaendler, Nobert Mittwollen, Marina Mulfinger, Jonathan Spitz, Florian Schmid, Prateek Gupta, Hans-Peter Grabsch, Edgar Schoenfeld, Francesco MassaGray, Cordula Schumacher, Liza Przioda, Nikolaj Marchenko, Sebastian Kaefer, Dipiyoti Deb