Chat Room / “Trans-human Orality”

Chat Room/
“Trans-human Orality”

Exhibited at the Bosch Research Center, Renningen/Schloss Solitude Stuttgart. 2019 WimmelResearch-Fellowship

Chat Room is an acoustically isolated space that houses conversations between the artist Ariel Bustamante, an exhibition visitor and a computer with a simple AI vocal algorithm. This software allows the computer to speak to humans however only using its own, incomprehensible language. The project invites the participants to explore alternative forms of communication beyond a common shared language.

Every encounter inside of the Chat Room starts with the following question; Can we try to find an alternative way to communicate with this entity? beyond our expectations of what we think is in front of us?

The computer’s algorithm is able to intervene during the entire time the room is occupied, sometimes it can be soft and quiet and also it can be loud and aggressive, until a point where its voice is so loud that human to human communication becomes impossible.

The computer intermingle with whoever is in the room, whether we want to listen or not.

As a challenge for the guests and also for the artist the proposal invites humans to question and improvise unexpected reactions towards this entity, it pushes us not only to question what we are dealing in intellectual terms but also it forces us to address these questions physically.

Regardless, of the technology that is behind the computer, and regardless if the machine is aware or not, the proposal aims to destabilize the participant’s social affects, their social to recognize an alterity that refuses to meet our anthropocentric expectations.



Thanks to the conversionalists.

Sieglinde Pfaendler, Nobert Mittwollen, Marina Mulfinger, Jonathan Spitz, Florian Schmid, Prateek Gupta, Hans-Peter Grabsch, Edgar Schoenfeld, Francesco MassaGray, Cordula Schumacher, Liza Przioda, Nikolaj Marchenko, Sebastian Kaefer, Dipiyoti Deb