Conversation Room, Book

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Conversation Room, Why Do We Do the Things We Do?

This book provides a deeper level of understanding of the project Conversation Room.

In this book you will find a timeline documenting the evolution of our labor crafting the sculpture, personal writings from all of our team members, and my personal perspective on the some of the essential conversational methods we have researched and practiced.

We also included short transcripts from the conversations that were played outside of our sculpture during the exhibition. (Even though the richness of what is produced in these encounters is impossible to capture in just words, I believe they can still provide some traces of the atmosphere created in those sessions.)

Hopefully with all of this we can provide meaningful insights about the means and the spaces in which we communicate and think collaboratively. Hopefully we can shed some light on the ways we share, manifest and listen to our obscure and sometimes confusing inner world.

You will find texts by Henna Harri and Nora Sternfeld, who discuss about how the question why? creates blockage in the flow of our everyday lives. Hanna Ohtonen talks about encounters of listening as bodily interpersonal experiences, and Taru Elfving writes about the dynamics of the private and the public mood and how the work mediates between them.

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