Dinamicas del Vacio (CL)

The following work was made in collaboration with architect Alfredo Thiermann, After spending 1 month in Antarctica, it was exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago de Chile.

The project is a sculpture that produced an isolated immersive environment in it’s interior, during 7 minutes the doors are locked and an audiovisual fictional narrative is played, using mostly artificial material.

As an empty space of human experiences, the cold, distant, imagined territory of Antarctica is modeled upon stepping on it.

Considering the isolated and almost unreal characteristic of this place, we aspired to further amplified and extend the proportions of any possible Antarctica that resonated with us, so to feed the illusions of an impossible place we dream and desire but we can’t experience.

Our question is: How do we build a sense of belonging, a sense of appropriation with a place we can’t experience?