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Vertical/Aerial listening

of the city of Valparaiso.
Exhibited at Festival de Arte Sonoro de Valparaiso, 2011

A microphone and a portable recorder were installed in a weather balloon which was slowly elevated from the center of the city of Valparaiso Chile.
A listening station was installed in the place of the experience so the work could be listened.
From the ground the balloon has recorded all of the daily life sounds the people of Valparaiso usually perceive in this place, while is elevating the adding of sounds increases and now we are able to listen the adjoining streets, later the neighborhood, and upper more the a great part of the sound of the city, finally our airship will reach an altitude were the sounds of our city will not be able to reach so this absence will be recorded as well.
By means of this pano acoustic periscope we produced a “zoom out”, a vertical sonic travel of the city, what can give us the possibility to listen our environment from a different perspective, augmenting our auditory limitations by perceiving extra flows of inaccessible information.
Trough this action we turn our listening in a meaningful act that enrich the very ways we hear our world stimulating our sonic imagination.

(video not lineal to audio)

Untitled, Vertical/Aerial recordings of the City of Valparaiso from ARIEL BUSTAMANTE on Vimeo.

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audio recording

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First idea was to drop a mic/recorder from a ballon with a small parachute. where the mic crashes there will be installed a small kiosk to listen the experience.


Other idea was to be able to change the vertical perspective in realtime by pulling or releasing the ballon using an audio transmiter