Untitled (MX)

Sound Installation: untitled, Exhibited at Festival de Artes Electronicas Transitio, Mexico, DF. September 2011

An external camera flash is located underneath each drum cymbal, two centimeters away from it. When triggered, it produced an intense luminosity that literally hit the cymbal, producing a soft percussive sound.

This technique is inspired in the Photoelectric Effect (wave-particle duality), in a few words light possesses characteristics of both waves and particles (photons); when the flash is triggered the particle’s momentum are transferred to the cymbals atoms causing an audible reaction.

The work was installed in the former chapel of the Church of Santa Teresa built in 1678. in the Zocalo, DF, Mexico.
The church contains the graves of four nuns among several myths and stories about ephemeral presences.

The proposal presents a technique which borders on the mystical, a type of spiritual technique which questions our understanding of nature and the mysterious forces or realities that might be generating this inconceivable act.

Space, artwork, and audience conjured on a mutual dialogue of silence, a meditative relationship that provided a special mode of auditory experience.
The correlation between the isolation and sacredness of the place complemented with the apparently unnoticeable composition required a quiet participation of the audience, silence which needed it to be respected in order for the work to happen, to be audible.

Technique inspired by the Photoelectric Effect (wave-particle duality), studied at the Chilean Museum of Science and Technology Residency, Chile 2005

Acknowledgements :

Educational Department Mucytec http://www.corpdicyt.cl/homemucytec.htm

Enrique Rivera, Plataforma Cultura Digital http://www.plataformaculturadigital.cl/, http://bvam.cl/ 2005

http://transitiomx.net/ and Special Thanks to : Jandreett Totosaus and her family.

Untitled, Festival de Artes Electronicas Transitio, Mexico, DF from ARIEL BUSTAMANTE on Vimeo.

Untitled, Festival de Artes Electronicas Transitio, Mexico, DF from ARIEL BUSTAMANTE on Vimeo.