Portraits of Modern Quality (CN)

microphone, mic stand, ipod

exhibited at Linda Gallery, at the 798 biennale, Beijing, China 2009

Portraits of Modern Quality, exhibited at Linda Gallery, Beijing, China 2009 from ARIEL BUSTAMANTE on Vimeo.

The work uses contemporary music to work their modernity. The songs are played in a black Ipod Classic which headphone output is directly connected to a microphone that reproduce the sound. Everything is inverted and hanging from the ceiling.

The quality of the microphone as an object is inverted, it produce a musical deception. Since it’s a microphone it works in a deficient way projecting a dull sound, with a small frequency range, no bass and no higher tones, the work tunes in an specific austere color tone which is not intended to be low-fi but rather proposed as an specific aesthetic parameter of interest.