Cybersyn (DE, CL)

Interactive Installation

Center for Art and Media, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany and simultaneously at the Cultural Center Palacio La Moneda, Santiago de Chile,, “Multinode Metagame”, ,, Catalogue) 2007

Fundamentally, the work consists of two interactive chairs (one in Chile and one in Germany). Both have the ability of communicating with each other through a basic compositional system made of visual and sound synthesis.
Additionally, the chairs do an automatic audiovisual register of the user to build a semantic map at . Also, the user has the possibility to see and to get informed of the original system in which this work was inspired.
the original project was an enormous complex computer network driven by interactive chairs to improve and communicate the problems and economical issues of the chileans by means of an easy and universal language of graphics and shapes rather than
numbers. This system was created in the communist government of Salvador Allende in 1971. It was ready to be used in 1973 the
same year where the infamous militar coupe driven by Augusto Pinochet took place, Evidently the project was eliminated and the idea was erased.

in collaboration with the original developers Enrique Rivera and Catalina Ossa, 2007

Cybersyn, Exhibited at, Germany from ARIEL BUSTAMANTE on Vimeo.